Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A game changing power boat...

A bit of good news on the justice front, a book I'd like to read, and in the "Deeply, darkly terrible" department...

I've been catching up on various boat stuff while watching the Impeachment and notices that Michael over at Proa File has a post on a Paul Bieker power boat design that really caught my attention.

Maybe it's because I really appreciate low horsepower power boats that get their performance from design rather than just bolting on a big outboard on the transom and getting it through brute force. Or maybe it's just that I really admire a good practical design that makes a lot of sense.

Offhand my first thought, when confronted with this design, was what a great small scale commercial fishing boat it would make here in the USVI as it would be much cheaper than the boats that folks are currently using as well as lowering the operating costs of the local fishermen by (and I'm guessing) between 75-90%.

Boy do we need more designs like this.

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