Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Just a week from now...

A tRump minion finds his moral compass, something very interesting about lightning, and some views of note through a fisherman's prism...

So, seven days left till something happens.

A lot of people think that they know what's going to go down and, while a lot of those people base their thinking on facts of one sort or another, they don't actually know how it will play out.

Others, using some form of magical or wishful thinking, don't know how things will go either.

Whatever happens will just happen, and you can take my word on it because I play a lot of backgammon and have way too much experience with WTF shit going down when things seemed to be certain.

That said, something will surely happen and, one way or another, life will continue to go on. No matter what happens we'll still all be in a world of hurt because everything is falling apart and very few people are willing to make the hard decisions and sacrifices that are required to sort out the existential problems that plague us. Hell, we can't even get people to wear masks when it's in peoples' own best interests.

Interesting times indeed and, it appears, we will have our work cut out for us either way it goes. Which leaves that the big question is not what happens in seven days but whether or not we have what it takes to fix the things that need fixing the day after.

Listening to Willy Nelson

So it goes...