Wednesday, October 14, 2020

About the "right" boat...

Something about ballot boxes, Dr Fauci making a point, just can't fix stupid, and in the "Completely out-of-touch with reality" department...

I'm pretty sure that most folk have a mental picture of the boat they'd like to go cruising on. In my case it's more like a constantly evolving work in progress. Which is hardly surprising as we tend to learn more as time goes by.

The learning curve has a lot to do with improvements in tech and design and we'd be foolish to ignore those. A better sail or rig design, improvements in navigation gear, affordable/accessible systems like watermakers all tweak the desired cruising boat that's floating around up there in my head.

Of course the tech side of things is an important element but it's only a fraction of the evolution as the biggest element in the equation is really about someone's personal state of mind and knowing just who you really happen to be at a particular point in time.

So, the question of the day is...

 Who are you?

Most of us are way too busy reacting to various stimulus to take the needful time for the sort of introspection needed to sort out the answer to that question. That being the case, it's hardly surprising that folks, as a result, tend to choose boats that don't quite fit who they actually are. Not unlike a pair of ill-fitting jeans.

Jeans either fit or they don't and there's a "feel" that they have when they are just right. The same goes for boats. It's akin to the boat becoming part of you, you becoming part of the boat and everything just feels right.

It's got to feel right. 

Which is why you really need to spend some serious meditation time sorting out who you actually are to bring yourself and that cruising boat in your head into focus.

Listening to Butch Walker.

So it goes...