Monday, September 21, 2020

a heads up...

Hardly surprising but seriously fucked up, EBM points out something incomprehensible, and coming to a polling place near you...

So, yeah, about Boat Bits. It would seem that I've been doing this Boat Bits thing for over fifteen years which, considering I'm no fan of social media, is a fairly surprising accomplishment of longevity. More importantly, it has been a mostly positive exercise and allowed me to meet and become friends with a lot of exceptional people. Sure, there were the folks who wrote in and hate pretty much everything I say but they're a fairly small minority and, I suspect, they just need to sort out their meds.

Still, fifteen years is a long time to be doing the same old thing and it's more than time to shake things up and stir things around a bit.

You might say I have a cunning plan.

This revolves, mostly, around giving me the freedom to do more long-form writing on the subjects of Boats, boat design, boat building, sailing, and cruising in the dystopian world we currently find ourselves in during these far too exciting times.

In the meantime, Boat Bits will continue for a while as normal until I have all the ducklings in a row but, as no one likes surprises these days, I'd thought I'd let you know that change is afoot.

Listening to El Chicano

So it goes...