Wednesday, August 19, 2020

A navlight you'll want to check out...

A finding of note, some unsurprising assholery, and in the "This made my day" department...

I've mentioned before (here and here)we have an inexpensive tricolor/anchor/strobe light that we bought from MarineBeam and after more than three years of everyday use, and it's still working just fine in spite of weathering several tropical storms and a couple of category 5 hurricanes.

Color me still very impressed with its performance.

I mention this because it seems that MarineBeam has added an improved light to their line which features a sealed housing.

Considering how well our unsealed MarineBeam light has performed the addition of an affordable sealed version brings the word "Bombproof" to mind.

Color me even more impressed.

Listening to Kate Rusby

So it goes...