Thursday, June 25, 2020

Why we're still sheltering in place...

Fiji opening its borders to cruisers, an apt cartoon for the times, and something from the "High achievements in modern assholery" files...

We're anchored just off a beach bar that reopened a couple of weeks ago when the powers that be here relaxed the lockdown. The first thing we noticed about the bar going back to normal, albeit with a nod to social distancing, was that the most apparent downside was the fact that the absence of the dreaded Karaoke night was no longer a thing.

The reality, of course, is that people who go to bars are not going to be of the social distancing persuasion and that most people going to bars down here are mostly interested in getting closer rather than further apart. In fact, the whole, business as usual mindset in an ever-growing worldwide pandemic is only believable if you're dumb as a bag of rocks, insane, a psychopath, or a mixture of the three.

Down here, where most tourists get channeled through Florida on their way down to "America's Paradise" it's no real surprise that will also include a steady stream of infected folks bringing a little something extra along with their much-needed tourist dollars. Sadly that translates to the fact that "business as usual" is now going to include more Covid-19 as part of the mix since we're not patient enough to do the right thing.

Which is why we're deadly serious about social distancing, wearing masks when needed, and in general just not being stupid.

Just sayin'

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So it goes...