Saturday, June 13, 2020

some help with that learning curve...

Viral insanity, EBM lays it down, and a scary mosquito-borne virus you might want to read up on...

Doing just about anything involves a learning curve and some pursuits have a steeper curve than others. Take cruising for instance.

Most folk we know, ourselves included, have had a problematic first year. Which mostly translates to not really having a clue, a general suspension of common sense, and being prone to bad decisions.

Been there, done that, and got the t-shirt.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I still marvel at all the little mistakes we made at the beginning. In our case, the main culprits that resulted in that far too steep learning curve were mostly about following the hive mind, non-application of common sense to cruising advice, and in particular, thinking that throwing money at problems was a panacea when it was just the opposite.

Most of us don't really talk about that first year of cruising because who really wants to tell tales of the "Boy, I was really a stupid melon farmer way back when!" sort.

That said, boy, I was really a stupid melon farmer way back when. Trust me you don't really want to hear about it.

Which brings me to the fact that Carolyn Shearlock from over at the BoatGalley has a free course on Overcoming the first-year learning curve. Better yet it's free. The thing is, learning from someone else's hindsight is a whole lot less traumatic than learning from your own mistakes as well as being a lot less expensive. Just the thing I could've used way back when.

Good stuff.

Listening to an album's worth of Lucinda Williams covers.

So it goes...