Sunday, June 07, 2020

All or nothing...

EBM pretty much says it all, Senator Tammy Duckworth with the needful, and I'll just add that Mayor Muriel Bowser is now my favorite politician in the US of A...

The other day I had someone tell me that they'd only go cruising on the best boat available and how they were quite willing to wait as long as it takes. Then pointed out that, unlike me, he'd never lower himself to settle for less.

Or, in other words, "All or nothing".

For me, the scary part of that is it really doesn't take into account that what is considered "best" today will, more than likely, be something entirely different tomorrow.

Fact is the whole "All or nothing" mindset is a huge factor when it comes to setting yourself up for failure. Whether you're learning a language (I won't speak French until I can speak it perfectly), building a boat (I won't launch the boat until it's absolutely flawless), or I won't vote for a candidate unless they're 100% to my liking... The list is endless.

I recently read that one of the main reasons people fail while on a diet is simply that if they, let's say eat a donut they should not have, then tell themselves that as the days shot diet-wise they might as well just go whole hog and skip it entirely for the rest of the day instead of admitting they screwed up and continue with their diet as planned albeit with a couple hundred extra calories in the mix.

But hey, that's just me and I apparently have low standards. Je parle français come une vache Espagnole, I've built a lot of boats and every single one has been imperfect but they all worked and floated right side up, and while I have never met a politician who I agree with 100% of the time I have always endeavored to support the ones who will (hopefully) do the better job when elected.

Or you might just say I try to do the best possible with what's available which, for me at least, makes a whole lot more sense than the all or nothing fandango.

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