Sunday, June 28, 2020

A very nice dinghy design...

On that whole "Science is problematic" issue, what our pro-fascist AG is currently up to, and in the "Basically insane" department...

Yann has a very nice, small, affordable, dinghy plan the Eko-Youyou (2 meters) on his website for free that you might want to check out.

All you need to add is a couple of sheets of plywood, a bit of lumber, a gallon and a half of epoxy, and a couple of weekends of sweat equity.

Better yet, Yann being French and all, it's a dinghy that you can scull to your heart's content.

There is also an excellent set of photos of the building process that should answer any questions you might have on how the dinghy goes together.

Of course, if a two-meter dinghy is a kiss small, he also has several dinghy plans that are really nice as well and worth checking out.

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