Friday, May 22, 2020

and today in the "this really belongs in Fishing Under Sail but what the hell" department...

On the subject of a morality scale for meat, some impressive stupidity, and a bit of situational awareness in cartoon form...

Fairly recently, a reader wrote and asked what sort of fishing "kit" he should buy to fish from his newly acquired sailboat. As I've not done such an article in a while, I proceeded to search out what was currently available.

While searching out available fishing kits that would make sense for frugal cruisers who actually want to eat seafood on a regular basis, it did not take a lot of time to realize, in point of fact, that the options were somewhat bleak.

For starters, most of the kits on offer seemed to fall into the incomplete, not very good, and overpriced or incomplete, not very good and cheap zone. Which, I suspect, explains why a lot of boat folk have fishing gear which never gets used because it's crap. That said, there were a few good kits out there but at prices that were just silly expensive.

So, I found myself asking...

"Why doesn't someone have something both good and affordable?"

I mean, seriously, how hard would it be to put together some line a few lures and a means of deploying said lures to the fish? Hardly rocket science.

Obviously, if you were to look at any of these so-called kits anyone with half a brain would be able to reverse engineer it, buy the component parts, and put it together yourself. Still, it would seem, that a lot of folks might just want to skip the research and buy a kit that works and it's been pointed out to me that such a thing would make a nice gift of the boat-warming sort.

Which is, I suppose, why I've been spending a lot of time lately coming up with a couple of fishing kits that fit the requirements of being simple, effective, affordable, and better than what's currently out there on the market.

I'm pretty sure I've sorted it out and I'll be talking about it here and over at Fishing Under Sail in the near future.

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So it goes...