Saturday, May 09, 2020

a rather big improvement in deadeyes...

More USPS fuckery, some very bad news, and in the "Tell me you're not surprised" files...

Here's something you just might want to take a look at.

It's a deadeye with actual sheaves.

Is that cool or what?

The folks at Colligo have this to say about their Terminator Flex Fittings...
"These blocks can be spliced into a running backstay or shroud on a canting mast system and present anything from a 2/1- a 7/1 purchase, your choice, with the same lightweight block!  They come with 3 sheaves that can be used or not.  For 7-13 mm Static line and up to 1/4” Dyneema Dynamic line."
Color me impressed.

The real question I have, of course, is whether or not I'll be using these in future evolutions of the rig on "So It Goes".The advantage of the sheaves will make it a whole lot easier to achieve the needful rig tension by hand instead of having to use turnbuckles.

I can see the attraction.

Then again, as the Terminator Flex fittings cost more than turnbuckles I use I don't expect to see them making any real improvements to my rig so, probably not. Your rigging needs may differ so maybe the Flex is just the thing to suit your rig.

That said, I love the way companies like Colligo keep evolving products in the right direction but wish they'd also work on making their products a bit more affordable in the process.

Listening to an album's worth of Steely Dan covers

So it goes...