Saturday, April 25, 2020

an interesting new eVDSD...

An editorial of note, regarding that "Take the punch" strategy, and in the "I guess there's just no cure for stupid" department...

This new electronic flare from Sirius is kinda cool.

For starters, they've changed the color to a red-orange/cyan which is supposed to be more visible than white and added an infrared signal that is visible to rescue aircraft.

So far so good.

It also has a Bluetooth interface that includes the Sirius Signal App for iOS & Android cell phones which might appeal to non-Luddite folks with smartphones and suchlike.

The big question I'd like to see answered is how the $299 C-1002 compares with the much less expensive C-1003 (we have two onboard) as well as reasonable facsimiles perform in an actual side-by-side test.

That said, it's good to see continued development in non-pyrotechnic flares which, as far as I'm concerned, makes all kinds of sense.

Listening to some coverage of a favorite song

So it goes...