Thursday, February 06, 2020

Something that pisses me off...

Unsettling news, some needful viewing you might want to pass along, and in the "Some refugees are refugees for good reason" department...

So, here's a question that's been bothering me. What exactly makes someone an experienced sailor? 

Would you consider someone who sailed single-handed from the UK to the Caribbean inexperienced?

My thoughts are, while he may have been inexperienced at the beginning of his voyage, by the time he got down to where the "butter melts" Latitudes most anyone would be pretty capable. Which is why the fact that everywhere I see this news story about a sailor found dead aboard his boat off Jamaica stresses the word 'inexperienced' in describing the victim. Worse yet, it really gets up my nose when so-called sailing publications repeat that the sailor was inexperienced allegations while linking to such articles is akin to blaming the victim.

Seriously, if you're a sailing publication you really should have a better handle on sailing related mishaps and be reporting on the incident instead of just linking to articles of questionable veracity.

Rant over.

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So it goes...