Sunday, January 05, 2020

on the subject of how not to entertain an anchorage...

Badtux with a timely historical observation, some good advice, and in the "Funny how some folks minds work" department...

So, here's a question.

Do you know how to row?


I ask mainly because over the last few years on the rare occasion I see someone actually rowing, they're mostly getting it wrong. Seriously, rowing is a long way from being rocket science but there is a right and wrong way and a bit of technique; both make for less work and goes a long way to keep you from embarrassing yourself.

As it happens, Off Center Harbor who are purveyors of bespoke media centering around boats and suchlike, has a couple of videos well worth checking out. The first, "Rowing", is an excellent little film that pretty much covers everything you need to know while the second "Advanced Rowing with Havilah Hawkins, Part 1 – Techniques and Maneuvers" really ups your game and can add some serious style points while you're at it.

Then again, you might just want to continue with the kludge method as it's always nice to have nautical flailing for the entertainment value.

Listening to Amy LaVere

So it goes...