Saturday, October 12, 2019

Not just a box of tools...

A really bad idea, some nervous making news regarding National Parks, and a bit of good news from California...

Some time ago I wrote about the Power8 compact tool kit as a possible solution for a minimal onboard power tool/workshop solution. A multi-tool compromise sort of thing because it's just plain problematic to cart around all the tools we'd like on a boat. While not anywhere near perfect it would sorta/kinda do the job.

Apparently they've improved and upgraded the concept and the new DOER is the result.

ToolGuyd (my favorite tool review source) talks about it and if the concept works for you there is a lot more information on DOER's Kickstarter page.

Of course, just a thought, but you might also consider reverse engineering the idea and doing something similar with the tools you already have.

Just saying.

Listening to Rodrigo Y Gabriela

So it goes...