Saturday, May 04, 2019

A Lyle Hess design you may want to check out...

Regarding Puerto Rico, a bit of good news, and something you should keep in mind...

For a variety of reasons I've been looking at boats in the 25-30 foot range, thinking a lot about downsizing, and the bottom line where most bang for the buck can be found.

You'd be amazed at how many excellent cheap boats are out there.

For instance: did you know you can buy a Lyle Hess designed cruising boat that's trailerable with enough room for a couple to live on comfortably (providing they can deal with the headroom) with a working engine for less than $3000 if you shop around?

That's a lot of boat for very little money.

Did I mention the Balboa 26 is shoal with a draft of less than two feet?

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So it goes...