Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What happens when you avoid politics...

Not exactly the way I'd deal with a neo-nazi robo-caller but it does bring a smile, USPS in peril, and this is just all kinds of neat...

I got the following email from Budget Marine yesterday.

Dear Valued Customer,

The United States has recently implemented additional tariffs on a variety of products like steel, aluminum, and a number of finished products.

Although the effect of these tariffs might not affect Budget Marine and its customers immediately, if not reversed, prices on the affected products will eventually experience an increase.

As the leading retailer of marine equipment in the Caribbean, we feel compelled to properly inform our customers of issues that affect their spending power and any price increase that might eventually result from the additional levies on selected products.

Budget Marine is committed to closely working with its vendors and will explore all alternatives to mitigate the effects the tariffs might have.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for supporting Budget Marine over the years and along with our suppliers, we will keep you informed of any changes if and when the occur.

So yeah, politics do affect cruisers and boat folks so best not to leave politicians unsupervised by the people they work for.

Just saying...

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