Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Esperanto anyone?

An important question, a different sort of prescription, and election theft in the US of A...

Every once in awhile I either link to a French site or post something that has French content because I find them interesting and, I expect readers of Boat Bits might enjoy them or, get something out of them. Most of the feedback on such posts are positive.

That said, I also get some very negative feedback of the stupid/hateful variety as well...

So, here's the thing. If you don't like stuff with French (or Albanian for that matter) content just don't read or watch it and go read/watch something you do like somewhere else.

Really. I'm way past sick and tired of this sort of crap. It's boring, stupid, and as far as I am concerned telling me that the only language that is allowable is English smacks of an ugliness that should not be a part of the sailing/cruising community. If it continues I may just start doing the blog in Esperanto.

And you should know how I feel about Esperanto.

Pli volonte diris

Listening to the Lumineers cover Petty

So it goes...