Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What's an AIS transponder cost?

An important find in Native American cartography, some needful reading, and still more bad news regarding plastic...

So, yeah. what does an AIS transponder go for these days?

How does $105. sound?

I've seen these AIS transponders going from around $105 to $215 for the deluxe versions which include an SOS button. They're simple, robust, waterproof, and cheap. Which is pretty much what you'd expect for something designed to attach to a net, long line, or buoy that you don't want someone to tear up or bump into and be an aid in finding it when you come back looking for it.

Now, obviously, an AIS transponder like this is not exactly designed for yachting (boy do I hate that word) use and all it really does is broadcast where it's at with a message of "Don't hit me I'm here". That said, isn't that really the point of AIS transponders?

For those with an interest in such things the company that makes these is Matsutec but there are, apparently a number of companies  (one being Hongrui but let me know if you find others) that produce such beasties

Anyway, just something to think about.

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