Thursday, May 03, 2018

a good idea

A new low in incarceration for profit hijinks, flat earthers, and in the "moral stain that America should be desperately trying to make right" department...

This Snubber Pendant from Mantus is really a pretty good idea.

Seriously what's not to like? It's handy, simple, and way better than a chain hook.

That said, a couple of things do come to mind...

First there's the shackle which is sorta/kinda nervous making and by its very nature becomes the weak link in the mix. I've seen countless stainless shackle failures over the years and putting my trust in a 6mm shackle really does not make me happy.

Second is the price. Face it, we're talking not a lot of material (some dyneema, a bit of anti-chafe cover, a kiss of shrink-to-fit tubing and a shackle) with a couple of easy eye splices so, with a retail of $55-$103, it might put some people off. Especially if they can splice and already have a bag of dyneema short ends leftover from various rigging jobs/projects because reverse engineering this particularly simple good idea is child's play.

Of course, you already knew that.

Listening to a variety of Hey Joe covers

So it goes...