Saturday, February 24, 2018

Doing a little research...

One red penny, a worthwhile read, and some questionable prioritizing...

Yesterday I read an interesting post regarding cycling oriented companies that were owned by companies in the gun business.

It got me thinking.

How many marine companies might be a part of other industries that, shall we say, have conflicted moral objectives we do not share?

One thing I noticed about the cycling oriented companies listed in the post is that some of them are companies I had assumed were independent rather than part of a giant conglomerate of questionable moral and ethical practices.

Who knew that Bolle sunglasses, for instance, was owned by a company that, more than likely, made the ammunition that killed those people in the Florida high school on Valentines day?

All of a sudden a quick visit to the local chandlers has me wondering who really is profiting when I buy a bit of hardware, some rope, or fishing gear.

I don't like being an ignorant consumer.

I especially don't like the fact that buying something for my boat or bike might be enriching the folks who are destroying our world in the name of profit for a few.

How many of my purchases in the last year have helped enrich the companies I'd never do business with because I did not know they were part of the equation?

I'm pissed at myself for having been lazy and just assumed that some of the companies I've been doing business with were the sort of people they say they are and I have not bothered to check on their veracity.

It's time I started asking some serious questions...

Listening to Leonard Cohen covers

So it goes...