Sunday, September 03, 2017

in the "big storm come soon" department...

An interesting somewhat enlightening point of view, some needful reading, and some bad news on the Zika front...

So here's a cool tool in the decision making process of either hunkering down where I am or running to a place that is "safer".

So, the current thinking is that Hurricane Irma will slide by us at a distance of around 114 miles from where I'm currently anchored. Forecasts have the hurricane winds extending to around 25-miles outward and storm force winds to nearly 80-miles. Which, on paper at least, sorta/kinda qualifies as "safe" and made somewhat safer as the bulk of the winds will be coming from the south which is pretty much a zero fetch situation where I am.

Still 114-frelling-miles  is way the frell too close for comfort of a storm projected to be a category 4 hurricane as it whizzes through the neighborhood and all it would take is for the current projected path to dip a kiss and seriously ruin my day.

Running to the mangroves would be safer but "safe" is a somewhat elusive/illusory concept when you think about it and there are a whole catalog of factors that could make the move to a safer place anything but... Trust me, nothing ruins your day like being in a safe place and storm ready only to find a couple of dozen unattended boats anchoring on top of you at the very last minute.

The current plan is to prepare as usual, monitor the ever-evolving forecast, make the decision Tuesday morning where we'll weather the storm, and get to doing.

Listening to Suzanne Santo

So it goes...