Saturday, May 13, 2017

an exercise in simple...

Crime in America, the stupid/hateful it burns, and in "the legion of Trump Dignity Wraiths" department...

The other day, perusing what's available in the world of blocks and suchlike I had several WTF moments.

First of all, the cost of blocks is just insane.

Secondly, they're over-complicated. Complication in any system aboard a boat is going to be, sooner or later, problematic.

Lastly, most blocks available today are not designed to be user serviceable.

Looking at available alternative like the Antal friction rings and suchlike I found the costs were still too high but at least the were uncomplicated, near impossible to fail, and compared to "blocks" a whole more affordable.

Still, for what amounts to just a simple anodized aluminum ring they are way too expensive. Which is why you may want to check out this puppy...

Yeah, a simple rappel ring. Pretty much works just like an Antal ring and, at a cost of less than $5 ($4.95 at REI), is a third of the price. It's strong with a breaking strength of 4400 pounds and there is simply nothing to fail... What's not to like?

Which is not to say the Antal type rings do not have an advantage or two but for almost all the ways we would use a block or friction ring...

...a rappel ring works finest-kind.

On "So It Goes" the jib, staysail, and spinnaker halyards only use rappel rings. That said, on the mainsail hoist I use a cheek block in combination with an Antal ring so the total cost of of blockage on the mast comes to less than sixty bucks or thereabouts.

Fact is, the only blocks I really find needful is for the mainsheets, staysail sheets and on the running back stays.

The best part of the exercise is I know I won't have to be climbing the mast to fix block related mayhem anytime soon.

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So it goes...