Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In the "stay off my lawn" department...

In the "dangerous with slapstick incompetence" department, unsurprising but still depressing news, and it appears we have something of a god conundrum...

I'm having one of those old fart crotchety/curmudgeonly days.

First of all, I have a big 65+ foot charter cat anchored on top of us and it's just off-putting that, in an anchorage with tons of room, they feel the need to get so up close and personal. That said, I'm sure their clients will enjoy the show when I take my afternoon shower as well as today's ongoing playlist which is going to be heavy on Captain Beefheart, Yoko Ono's greatest hits, and a newly discovered album of a Ukrainian polka band doing Black Flag to listen to while I polish a couple of chainplates with an angle grinder.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to buy a $6 flashlight from Amazon and the only company that will sell it to me wants to charge $50 to ship it.

Oh yeah, and that Hitler/Mussolini/Kim Jon-un wannabee with the eternal bad hair day still seems to be 50% of my news feeds which is insane, crap in your pants scary, and all kinds of irritating.

So, pretty much just a normal day at anchor.

Listening to Soldat Louis

So it goes...