Thursday, October 29, 2015

Remember Buford?

An interesting getaway, a brief skirmish in the war against fake quotes, and in the "it slices it dices" department...

One of the current projects I need to get to soonish is a new auxiliary rudder self-steering for "So It Goes" so I can test some new ideas out regarding a less expensive and time consuming method for home builders. For those unacquainted with the project my goal is a bombproof gear for less than $250 in materials with no more than a weekend/sixteen hours of labor.

The design is actually the easy part. It's the material availability and keeping the labor confined to stock parts to avoid the need for machining and welding to keep it simple and doable with your basic tool set. The previous Buford design used some inexpensive off-the-shelf parts but since the company making them went out of business a complete redesign became needful. That said, as I also figured out a few other improvements it just made sense to do the redesign with a clean sheet of paper.

The goal is to have put at least a thousand miles or so on the new gear before summer so, I expect, we'll have plans and a construction video/handbook available by Bastille day or thereabouts.

Expect some more updates on BUFORD in the not too distant future.

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So it goes