Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Danger, danger Will Robinson someone has a cunning plan...

A whole lot of sense being made, about that 2013 word of the year, and today in the "bought and paid for" department...

Oh, oh... a new cunning plan!

I just mentioned over on VolksCruiser that one of my favorite designs is Harle's Tonic design and, in doing so, I realized that the only real way to improve on it is adding more stowage to the mix... I don't need more berths.

So, what if you put the accommodation from say Harle's Tonic or Fantasia and installed it (without making it any bigger) in a 30 to 35 foot hull keeping the excess space as a dedicated cargo hold?

The advantages are many with few downsides...

Maybe I should be looking for an older fixer upper with a trashed interior to try out the concept with?

Listening to Kind of Like Spitting cover Elvis Costello

So it goes