Thursday, July 24, 2014

Of no interest to trust fund babies...

This should make some folks stand up and take notice, some needful reading, and  a wake up call...

Over at Attainable Adventure Cruising they have a post that is the consumerists wet dream about how to buy a boat. I'll sum it up for you as you need to be born rich, get a better job, and/or wait till you're too old to actually go cruising because you HAVE to have the expensive boat.

Just the other day I saw a CAL 34 for sale for $5K and yes, it needed some fixing up.

That said, there's nothing that a little sweat, some smarts, an additional $3-$5K, and an avoidance of consumerism dogma wouldn't fix.

Hey presto! A serious bluewater cruiser for around $10K and you don't have to wait around till you're too old and wrinkly to enjoy it.

There are lots of people cruising in boats that cost considerably less than some folks say you need to spend. Matter of fact, in the new Practical Boat Owner there's an excellent article  "Cruising on a Shoestring" by Jill Dicken Schinas of Mollymawk fame (you really should have the Mollymawk blog/website on your reading list) that just may open your eyes...

It's a good read.

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So it goes..