Wednesday, July 02, 2014

a place you may want to bookmark and use...

A bit of skulduggery, people in motion, and did someone say pitchforks...

I can't help but notice that the one cruising forum I find the most valuable is getting less and less traffic and, I suspect, that sooner or later it will lose all relevance.

So, the question comes to mind... why are folks no longer using the SSCA forums?

Looking around the net it seems the Cruisers Forum is still doing its thing but, looking further afield, it would seem that most of the cruising forums seem to have a lot less in the way of posts than they used to and it's starting to look a lot like a ghost town.


One of the reasons I like the SSCA forum is that there seemed to be a minimum of BS, misinformation, and the mean-spirited masturbatory one-upmanship that seems the staple output of most of the other forums.

I'm pretty sure that I've gone on record before that the SSCA is a good organization and cruisers would be well advised to join if only for the SSCA newsletters which are invaluable for anyone needing good current information for the places we visit. That said, the organization does have its foibles but it is mostly fighting the good fight so deserves your support.

Drop by and check them out.

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So it goes...