Monday, June 09, 2014

just another old wive's tale...

C&L talks music (gets it right as well), about those black helicopters, and yep the law is a lot different if you're wealthy...

I've always been a big fan of Bruce Bingham's Flicka and it's often the boat I first think about when someone tells me that you need a bigger boat because bigger boats are stronger... That said, it's a bad choice on my part because the Flicka is by most everyone's standards overbuilt and I'd be much better off looking at a lighter weight twenty-footer like the CAL 20 which went into production 1n 1961 and those early boats are still hanging in there.

Not that I ever pay much attention to someone who is so obviously out of their depth on even the most basic therory of structural design and material strengths but folks who spout such gibberish are simply annoying and proof positive that the dumbing down of America is way ahead of schedule.

The thing is, it's easy to make a small structure strong and a whole lot more difficult to get it right in a much bigger one. It's a materials/weight/strength thang.

Boats in the 30-feet or under bracket all tend to be overbuilt simply because it's easier to handle and work with materials of a certain size.

Which is not to say there are not a lot of reasons you might want to go with a bigger boat but strength is just not one of them.

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