Monday, May 03, 2010

Taking advantage of a slow pace... mast project day 10-12

I hate working on a project at a pace dictated by stuff I can't control (like the weather) which is one of the reasons I always try and have all the bits sorted and in hand so I don't find myself in that start/stop/wait cycle... So far in twelve days of working on the mast I've only been able to work one full day.

The "plan" was to have the bare mast finished within two weeks and while it most certainly will be finished within the two weeks of labor window the various bits of rain and so on has kind of thrown the whole two weeks window into a tizzy... So it goes.

On the other hand, waiting around to be able to get back to the mast (it is raining as I write this) has given me some time to come up with various mods and improvements to the project which is the sort of thing I normally come up with AFTER I've finished a project which goes into the "Jnana... I should have done it this way..."

That said and newly hatched cunning plans aside, the next mast I build will be inside a hanger and NOT done in a parking lot...