Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mr Zip is still your friend... apparently Mr Knot not so much.

Since we are doing the new rig in Dynex Dux, I have been loading up on all of the various books I don't have on my shelf which includes info related to splicing Dynex and suchlike...

One of my sources for all things rigging has always been Brion Toss (otherwise known as Mr Knot) who has taught me just about all I know through his books of a rigging nature, as he really is a seriously smart dude rigging-wise.

As Mr Toss has a book I don't have, and as he recommended the book as covering more Brummel splice stuff, I decided to buy it and as Amazon did not have the book in question, I bought it through his website. When we tried to order it, we found his online order system had shipping at an astounding $74.23 for a $24.95 book, which is simply silly.

So we called and asked if they could send it via US Priority Flat Rate Mail as the $74.95 seemed somewhat excessive and as you may recall my experience with working at UPS and having been on the receiving end of UPS service in the Caribbean, I would never order anything that needs to be delivered by UPS (I mean who needs to wait long, pay more, and more than likely find it got lost or broken in the process).

When checking our credit card statement we discovered that the book had been sent but apparently with $17.50 shipping which is way high if you are using US Mail to send something to the USA (The price for a Flat-Rate envelope is $4.90) ... Off hand, I have no idea how they actually shipped it but as it was not how we requested (and they agreed to) color me not best pleased!

Which brings us to a little advice for cruisers who can stop in and get mail at places like the USVI from time to time and who are able to avail themselves of the EXCELLENT US Mail system... BE VERY CAREFUL as far too often folks in the USA who take your order will tell you they'll send via US Mail but then send it via UPS (or UGH those dropped hard and lost folks, DHL) and you can spend weeks waiting for UPS/FEDEX/DHL and more than likely when you get it you will be unhappy.

Of course, a lot of people at stores in the USA will tell you they can't send via US Mail because it does not work and the package will get lost which is BS. What they won't tell you is that UPS/FEDEX/DHL gives them a kickback on shipping and their concern is more about a little extra profit for themselves rather than concern for you getting your stuff in a timely manner.

Now I have no clue how Brion Toss sent it but that one of his minions told us one thing and then did something else which puts them on our "won't-buy-from-again"  list.

Just as an aside, we bought the Dynex from Defender on the same day we ordered the book from Toss and Defender sent nearly $1000 worth of Dynex Dux down to us in St Croix via US Priority Mail for $42 and change (insured & weighed 15 pounds) and we got it a couple of days later... We are still waiting on the book!

So, for cruisers able to stop in at US ports, Mr Zip is still your friend and a huge help to keeping your cruising kitty happy! Spread the word...