Friday, November 27, 2009

Sailing towards and SPOT!

A good friend has been sailing down to the Caribbean from Montauk and this morning I looked at my email and SPOT had sent me another update on his whereabouts... He'd made landfall and is anchored in Sint Maarten!


Of course, he had planned to make landfall here in St Thomas, but more often than not we sailors find that what makes sense after departure is seldom what it was before leaving. Hence the nautical tradition of sailing "towards" and never "to"!

This being the first blue water passage of my friend, it was nice to have the daily updates via SPOT on where he was and how he was doing. I'm sure his family felt better as well...

I have heard no small amount of disrespect on the SPOT system from folks who...
A. Don't have one,
B. Never used one
C. Never seem to get off the dock!

We have one and it works. Other people we know have them and they work. It's cheap and is simply another tool that increases our safety envelope and ability to communicate which in my mind is something of a no-brainer! So, while not a replacement for an EPIRB, it does make all kinds of sense and anyone going offshore should be giving it some serious consideration.